ICHC Road Map

Now that ICHC 2.0 was approved, I’m starting on 2.1, which has one very major change: instead of my scraped feed, which goes down pretty often, it will use the new Cheezburger Content APIs. Other features I’m planning are full iPad support and sharing LOLs on FaceBook or Twitter. I will most likely release an update which only switches it to the new APIs, since that’s a fairly urgent change.

I haven’t abandoned PicSlide. My plans for it include additional photo sources such as Flickr recent & interesting, defaulting to medium instead of easy level, as well as full iPad support and maybe additional puzzle sizes for the iPad.

4 thoughts on “ICHC Road Map”

  1. I don't know how else to reach you. Great improvement on 2.0, but there's one feature that would make this app completely perfect. Instead of shaking the device to find a random picture, can there please just be a button that does the same? I hate having to shake my iTouch everytime I want to look at a random picture. Sure, it's a cool gimmick, but it has gotten old for me. I'm sure many others would appreciate it. This is really the only feature I would like added. On the technical side, I've never encountered any bugs. So yeah, I hope you incorporate a "Random" button (possibly designed as a stylized question mark?). Thanks!

  2. I forgot. You say you're making an iPad version, right? Think long-term about what I just mentioned: I don't think people will enjoy having to shake their iPads to get a random picture. If anything, provide an option for either Shake To Shuffle or Random Button.

  3. I hadn't thought about that, but you have a good point. Shaking would be annoying on an iPad.

    Last night I got the retrieval API working in a few hours, but Once Upon a Win doesn't return any content that way, so if that isn't fixed, I'll substitute a different site. With the API I'll be able to easily add most of the sites listed at http://cheezburger.com/sites. I still need artwork for most of them, however.

  4. Whoa, I didn't expect a response! Glad to year that my idea is being considered. That really is the only issue I have with the app. As for the addition of sites, that would be pretty cool. I have some preferences on what gets added, but the Pundit Kitchen pics are already my favorites, so I'm satisfied already. Thanks for responding! This is one of my favorite apps. I check it every day, and it cures boredom with the random photos.


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