Happy Birthday, Macintosh!

January 24 marks 40 years since the Macintosh was first introduced in 1984, an event that changed the direction of my life and my career.

The Macintosh wasn’t my first computer — I started out with a Cosmac Elf, and then moved on to an Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P, and finally an Apple II.

I ordered my first Macintosh a few days after it was released, but I didn’t receive it until February 1984, since they were in short supply in NY. I’ve owed many Macs since then, including a Mac Plus, a SE/30, which was my favorite early Mac, the original G3 & G4 towers, and many MacBook Pros.

Before the Macintosh, I wrote software for the Apple II, TRS-80, and Unix, but since then I’ve been focused entirely on Mac & iOS.

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