Bluesky is now open for everyone

After Twitter’s upheaval in late 2022, like many people, I was looking for a new social media site. For a long time that was Mastodon, where I’m still active. Around the middle of last year I got an invitation to Bluesky and it’s been my favorite social site since then. Because it was invite only, it had a more laid back & relaxed feel than any of the other social media sites. Hopefully that wouldn’t change too much.

Instead of Twitter, I now use 3 different microblogging social media sites: Mastodon, Threads, and Bluesky. Each has a different purpose.

Mastodon is for more serious talk, local people, and people I know in real life.

Threads is for news and following major accounts in politics, entertainment, and journalism.

Bluesky is for fun and silliness. It feels the most like old Twitter in the very early days. A lot of people I used to follow on Twitter are only on Bluesky. You can follow me here.

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