Unexpected additional time

For anyone who hasn’t kept up with my saga, I got a call from Apple Monday telling me exactly how I should rate ICHC and what changes I should make to the description. I did everything exactly as they requested and resubmitted it.

Today, I got the following email from the app store reviewer:

Dear Mike,

Your application, I Can Has Cheezburger (Ad Free) 1.5.1, is requiring unexpected additional time for review. We apologize for the delay, and will update you with further status as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your patience.


iPhone Developer Program

3 thoughts on “Unexpected additional time”

  1. Hmm.  It sounds like apple's system is very confusing to say the least and it is total bureaucratic piece of xxxx!  It is so sad that they do not have any problem approving meaningless apps such as i-fart ( although they R funny!) and give good guys like u such a hard time.. Nonetheless, pls remember that u have many fans believing in u and r behind u 100%.  :). Good luck!   

  2. Hmm.  It sounds like apple's system is very confusing to say the least and it is total bureaucratic piece of xxxx!  It is so sad that they do not have any problem approving some meaningless apps but give good guys like u such a hard time.. Nonetheless pls remember that u have many fans believing in u and r behind u 100%.  :). Good luck!   


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