I Can Has Cheezburger ad free 1.5.1 (actually 1.5.2, which I replaced while 1.5.1 was still in review) is now ready for sale. The free version, which I submitted at the same time, is still in review, although the old version 1.5 is available again.

You can download ICHC (ad-free) here, or if you prefer the free version, download it here.

New features in this version:

  • Shake to shuffle
  • Movies show web page immediately instead of click to play graphic
  • Action sheet no longer shows ‘save to photos’ for movies
  • Can now email images rather than just links in OS 3.0
  • Allows you to log into ICHC (pro version only)
  • Supports movies from Viddler at FAILblog and other sites

Note that not all Viddler movies are playable; the person who created it has to specifically enable downloading for it to work.

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