MiiEditor.com is down

It looks like Nintendo shut down Miieditor.com. Their site now shows the following message:

MiiEditor is down
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Luckily I was able to snag the graphics for each page of Mii components a few days ago, which I’m still chopping up and converting to resources that MiiView will composite into an actual mii graphic.

Revisiting Mii Transfer

I haven’t had a chance to do much work on mii transfer for a long time, but now that DarwiinRemote 0.7 was released, I’m taking a look at the latest code to incorporate into Mii Transfer.

My goal in this version is to avoid modifying the WiiRemote framework, but rather to extend the classes in it through a Mii category. I see that the latest version of the framework incorporated my Mii reading code, but not the code for writing Miis.

I’m also working on a MiiView class, which will display the Mii, and of course be able to export it in various graphics formats supported by NSImage. The actual code is pretty simple but involves lots of grunt work, creating lots of graphic resources for every variation of each part, which I then composite into the image. Right now I’m still bogged down in creating those pieces.

Come and follow Mii

Mission Bay Community Church is providing a Jeses Mii for anyone who brings a Wii or Wii remote.

This Easter Sunday, we will provide anyone who attends church with a Jesus Mii for their Nintendo Wii console. Just bring your Wii Remote or Wii and we’ll transfer a Jesus Mii to your system.

Then you, too, can box with Jesus, golf with Him, or even bowl with Him! A night bowling with Jesus? What could be better? Especially if you get that turkey and best Him by 100 points! Don’t worry;—He’ll forgive you.


Wii Sports is a hit

Last night I had a cookout with 3 of my friends and neighbors. After dinner we played Wii Bowling and everyone loved it. In fact we’re planning more “Bowling Nights”. This morning one of my friends told me she had a sore arm from bowling.

These are people who never play video games and have no interest in traditional game consoles. This shows how the Wii is different. By bringing you into the game with physical activity rather than sitting on the couch with a gamepad, the Wii appeals to everyone.