Revisiting Mii Transfer

I haven’t had a chance to do much work on mii transfer for a long time, but now that DarwiinRemote 0.7 was released, I’m taking a look at the latest code to incorporate into Mii Transfer.

My goal in this version is to avoid modifying the WiiRemote framework, but rather to extend the classes in it through a Mii category. I see that the latest version of the framework incorporated my Mii reading code, but not the code for writing Miis.

I’m also working on a MiiView class, which will display the Mii, and of course be able to export it in various graphics formats supported by NSImage. The actual code is pretty simple but involves lots of grunt work, creating lots of graphic resources for every variation of each part, which I then composite into the image. Right now I’m still bogged down in creating those pieces.

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