PicSlide 1.5 final submitted

Today I got the following email from Apple concerning my PicSlide submission for iPad review:

Thank you for your submission. Your application has been through the initial review process and we have verified that it successfully loads and functions as expected on iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 Beta 5. You will receive additional information about submitting your app for final review before iPad ships.

Since both your application has been compiled using a beta SDK, your submission cannot be posted to the App Store and will appear in the Manage My Applications section of iTunes Connect as ‘In Review’, with the version string changed to “SEED5 APPROVED”

The iPhone SDK 3.2 GM Seed is now available. Please compile your code using this GM Seed and upload your new binary for final review by March 31st, 5PDT.

I just recompiled it with the GM and re-submitted it. It took one minute for it to go from ‘waiting for review’ to ‘in review’. Hopefully PicSlide will be ready for day 1 on the iPad. I’m also hoping to submit ICHC for the iPad in the next day or so.

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