Neat Receipts really is neat

Today I got my Neat Receipts package, which I ordered right after Macworld while their show discount was still available. It really works amazingly well.

The USB bus-powered scanner is very compact and quiet. I discovered that it works with VueScan as well as their NeatWorks software.

The NeatWorks software lets you scan business cards, receipts, and other documents. It can also import contacts into the address book. I found the OCR to be amazingly accurate. It’s also very smart about recognizing fields, even recognizing abbreviations such as ‘T’ for main phone number & ‘M’ for mobile.

I found that it scans most business cards 100% accurately, even in colors other than black & white. I tried one very ornate card with lots of graphics, which I didn’t expect it to recognize at all, but it still picked out the name, title, and company.

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