Macworld Expo, Day 1

I got up at 4AM this morning and got to Moscone West around 5AM. The line was already all the way around the block. At about 7AM they finally let us in, only to stand in line inside a big room. They finally let us go upstairs a little after 9AM, just minutes before Steve got on the stage.

Steve barely mentioned the Macintosh and he didn’t even mention Leopard. One of the announcements was that they’re dropping “Computer” from the company name – it’s now merely “Apple, inc”. For the first few minutes he talked about the successful transition to Intel and the success of iTunes Store before he started talking about iTV. Most of the keynote was about the iPhone. He introduced it as 3 devices: a touchscreen iPod, revolutionary phone, and internet communicator.

Although the iPhone won’t be available until June, I really want one even though the cheapest model is $499. Since it only comes in 4G & 8G models, it can’t replace my 80G iPod and hold all of my music. It is a lot better than my LG CU600, which I’m very disappointed with. It can also replace my PSP as a wireless web browser, so I can travel with only one device.

I’m posting this from Microsoft Blogger’s Lounge in the main hall.

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