It's up

I have the Drupal site running. I’m still having some trouble with the filestore module I’m using. It’s possible to upload files, but downloads seem to hang most of the time. I also don’t like that it stores files in the SQL database instead of as actual files, since 1and1 limits the database size. I’ll look at the file module instead or just write my own.

When I posted about the problem I was having yesterday, one of the Drupal developers emailed me about it and we exchanged several emails. He pointed out a work-around in the cvs repository for a server setting I wasn’t able to change. Drupal seems to be the most flexible & customizable system around. At first look, it seems to be primarily for blogs, but that’s not the case.

2 thoughts on “It's up”

  1. I tried to sign up for an account, but it didn't work. It said, "This required field is missing: Name". Is it supposed to be fully up and running?

  2. you really might give a shot to drupal CVS. not only does it have a file api with disk based file storage in core (which might fix your filestore problems. btw: note that the file module is deprecated), but it will probably also fix the "This required field is missing: Name". beside many other nice things 😉

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