Drupal test site

I’ve set up a Drupal test site for ShareYourMusic.com and I’m starting to like Drupal. It’s by far the most configurable and extensible system. There’s even a file upload module, which will provide the functionality I need.

Unfortunately I’m now dealing with 1and1’s suckage. I may end up hosting the site at PEHosting. 1and1’s control panel is the slowest & most limited I’ve ever used. They don’t even have phpMyAdmin. At least they do provide ssh access, but the only editor available is Vi – they don’t even have Pico. The real show-stopper for me is it looks like they don’t support local .htaccess, so I can’t set the required PHP options for Drupal. But hey, it’s free.

UPDATE: you can see the test site here. Note that you’ll see some error messages because the server isn’t properly configured.

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