iPad unboxing & first impressions

After nervously refreshing the UPS package tracking page for most of the morning and wondering if my iPad would arrive today, it arrived just before noon.

The Box

It’s every bit as good as I expected and it really does live up to the hype. The screen is simply gorgeous, it feels fast & responsive, and is very comfortable to hold & use. Mail & Safari are as good as desktop applications and is by far the best mobile browser I’ve seen. Videos play smoothly and look gorgeous on the screen, even outdoors.

A few other notes:

  • Non-native apps really look like crap. Pixel doubling looks awful and the 1x window within a window feels like running Classic under Mac OS X. Any developer who doesn’t think a native version of their app is necessary is just plain wrong.
  • It really needs a screen protector. The screen attracts fingerprints and they’re very visible.
  • It fits perfectly in UNIEA’s U-Sleaf.
  • Battery life is excellent. After using it continuously for about 3 hours, the battery is still at about 80%.
Home Screen

See my full unboxing gallery here.

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