iPad Shipping Shenanigans

Like a lot of people, I’ve been obsessively refreshing the UPS package tracking page several times an hour today, only to see that my iPad is still in Guangzhou, China. A few days ago, UPS showed that it was at my local facility, but on Wednesday it suddenly appeared back in China.

Boy Genius Report explains what has been going on:

There are iPad shipments sitting in your local UPS location right now. Yes, they are there. Right now. The issue? Apple has hired an outside security agency to monitor all shipments from the regional distribution centers to the local hubs, and at the local hubs, the cages (where they hold the packages) are under 24/7 guard by the outside security agency. Apple did the same thing when they used FedEx for iPhone shipments, and they also had the same security company literally sleeping overnight at AT&T stores when they got iPhones the day before launch day.

Don’t worry if your tracking info still shows the package hasn’t left China, it’s probably only 10 miles from you, sitting comfortably under the watchful eyes of Top Flight security.

I hope he’s right and I’ll have an iPad in my hands by this time tomorrow.

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