ICHC 2.0.1 Submitted

I just submitted I Can Has Cheezburger 2.0.1 with the following changes:

  • Uses featured content API instead of scraped feed
  • “There, I fixed it” replaces “Once Upon a Win”, which isn’t available with the API
  • Thumbnails are now displayed for movies
  • Deployment target properly set to 3.0 so it won’t load on 2.x devices

By using the API it will no longer depend on this server, which often goes down under heavy use resulting in no photos loading. Like 2.0, this version is NOT compatible with any OS version older than 3.0. In 2.0 I didn’t set the deployment target to 3.0, so people with older systems were still able to install it, resulting in an immediate crash (which I got about 5 emails a day about).

The application will remain unavailable until the new version is approved, because I’m sick of dealing with all of the bitching because my server goes down or because they’re using OS 2.x.

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