ICHC 1.5.2 Submitted

I’ve submitted version 1.5.2 of ICanHasCheezburger, both free & premium versions. Since I still had 1.5.1 in review, I had to reject it and replace it, which means it’s back at the beginning of the review queue. It’ll be interesting to see whether both are approved at the same time.

New features:

  • Shake to shuffle
  • Movies show web page immediately instead of click to play graphic
  • Action sheet no longer shows ‘save to photos’ for movies
  • Can now email images rather than just links in OS 3.0
  • Allows you to log into ICHC (pro version only)
  • Supports movies from Viddler at FAILblog and other sites
  • free version only shows g-rated content from FAILblog.

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