I Can Has Cheezburger App Redesign

I have been working on implementing the new Cheezburger API in the ICHC app, but I’m starting to become unhappy with the user interface. In particular, the bottom toolbar is too cluttered and I don’t really like the action sheet I use for creating LOLs.

I’ve started redesigning it to use a navigation based user interface, where the top level lists the sites, and each site opens a view similar to the current app. Like the current version, you’ll be able to swipe back & forth or use arrow buttons to switch images and tap to toggle the toolbars on or off. When the application starts up, it will go directly to the last site viewed rather than the top level. Unlike the current version, it will save the last image viewed for each site.

Before I commit to this, I’d like some feedback.

This is the top level view, where you choose the site:

iPhone Simulator-3.jpg

This is the image view (still not complete):

iPhone Simulator-2.jpg

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