I Can Has Account Access

I’ve implemented Cheezburger authorization in the next version of ICHC Premium. By logging into ICHC, any LOLs you create in the app will be credited to you and appear in your profile, rather than as ‘dunno source’.

Since I’m still waiting for Apple to approve version 1.5 of the free ad-supported version (which I submitted on June 15) and version 1.5.1 of the premium version, which I submitted on June 28, it will probably be a while before this version is available.

Screenshot 2009.07.02 20.49.29
Login button
Screenshot 2009.07.02 20.50.11
Login screen
Screenshot 2009.07.02 20.49.04
log out button

With current version or free version, any LOLs you create will be uncredited.

Uncredited LOL

Any LOLs you create with the premium version when you log in will be credited to you and appear in your profile.

ICHC Authentication

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