I can (almost) haz an update

I have an update to ICanHasCheezburger almost ready to go, but I’m waiting for a server side feature before I can release it. I was going to try to release it before Christmas, but Apple says the approval process is backlogged and new submissions most likely won’t be ready before Christmas. Instead, I’m trying for Macworld week now.

Highlights of version 1.1:

  • Pinch Zoom support. You can now use a pinch gesture to resize pictures. Swiping to go to next or previous image is now only allowed when the image is not resized. You can double-click a zoomed image to restore it to normal size.
  • Create your own LOLz with a picture from the camera or a saved picture. Unfortunately the server API for submitting images isn’t available yet, so for now it will just be saved to the camera roll.
  • Recognizes movies contained in the feed and will attempt to open them in YouTube, but unfortunately many of the movies won’t play on an iPhone.
  • Application always starts up with the last viewed image from the previous session rather than the first image.

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