Filing bug reports for iPhone SDK

Rogue Amoeba has filed bug reports for many of the iPhone SDK’s limitations, including:

  • Allow applications to be installed at the user’s discretion, not Apple’s
  • Allow applications to run in background on iPhone
  • A MediaPicker API for accessing the iPod music files is needed
  • Add option to allow iPhone applications to access entire filesystem
  • Allow iPhone applications to access the host computer when docking
  • Allow iPhone applications to access the docking port

I filed one myself requesting the ability to run in the background, which is a critical requirement for the product I plan to develop. Since it spends most of its time sleeping until it gets a timer event, it uses no CPU time at all until it wakes up every few hours to check in with a server and then goes back to sleep (Apple is concerned that background apps would waste CPU time and shorten the battery life).

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