Yoono makes Firefox more social

Although Flock has some nice features for integrating your social networks and media, it also has some very significant drawbacks. It always lags behind the current Firefox version for security updates & other fixes, and bookmarks work very differently (which I personally dislike).

Yoono is a Firefox plugin that gives you the best of both worlds. It adds a sidebar which provides much of Flock’s more useful functionality. Combined with Scribefire for blogging, you can have most of Flock’s functionality with a more mature & well supported Firefox browser.

5 thoughts on “Yoono makes Firefox more social”

  1. Well, you can blog any Note from a WebNote.

    On the light blue header of each Note in a WebNote, on the right bottom there is a down arrow button. It’s a drop down menu, with an option “Blog it”. See it ?
    Click on it.
    Then chose the platform for your blog (WordPress for this blog, for instance). Give the technical data to connect to it (email me if you don’t know how to fill these fields), and then validate…
    Your blog credential will be remembered for the next time.

    For instance, I selected this article from your blog, Dragged and dropped the selection on the Webnote widget to create a new WebNote, and then blogged the note onto my test blog, here is the result :


    Pretty cool huh ?
    Let me know if you have trouble using this feature !


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