Yazzem API is live

If you haven’t heard of Yazzem, it’s a site similar to Twitter which lets you start topics about anything you want. Unlike Twitter, Yazzem is conversation oriented. You create or join a topic and add comments to the thread. Topics & comments are limited to 200 characters, making them more like a tweet and much easier to use and more lightweight than a traditional forum. Yazzem was founded by Dustin Snider and Zachary Collins, both 15, and was acquired by Teens In Tech Networks (which I’m the CTO of).

The Yazzem team has been working on an API which will allow developers to build applications that interact with Yazzem. It will be featured at the Hacker dojo API hackathon tomorrow.

Read the Yazzem team’s API announcement here. The API is documented at api.yazzem.com.

For Mac & iPhone developers, I’ve created a Cocoa wrapper class with both Mac & iPhone demo applications, available at http://github.com/mike3k/Cocoa-Yazzem.

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