WWDC a success

Despite the record-setting crowd of over 5000 people, this year’s WWDC ran much more smoothly than any recent one. The WiFi network was very reliable, and for the first time we had WiFi working in the Presidio during the keynote, so I was able to live blog it at MacMegasite. Most of the rooms had plenty of power strips available, so it was easy to keep our laptops charged.

The lines were much longer for most of the sessions and they started lining up as much as 15 minutes before the sessions started, but I was able to get into all of the sessions easily.

For tonight’s bash, which took place in Yerba Buena Gardens as it did last year, Apple got the Barenaked Ladies to play for us. THe band members are big Apple fans, since one of their videos appeared on the System 8.6 CD.

I found that after carrying around a MacBook Pro for several hours a day, I ended up with sore shoulders. For my next trip I’m seriously considering getting either a MacBook Air or MacBook instead of the MacBook Pro. The MacBook only weighs about 1/2 pound less than the Pro, but it’s quite a bit smaller, and is a lot more powerful than the Air.

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