WordPress & WPMU are merging in 3.0

This is why I’m looking forward to WordPress 3.0:

It was announced at WordCamp San Francisco last year that WordPress and WordPress MU would be merging codebases. This has now happened in 3.0-alpha, and we’re working on smashing bugs and tidying up a few screens. If you’re currently using a single install of WordPress, when you upgrade to 3.0 you won’t see any of the extra screens associated with running a network of sites. If you’re currently running MU, when you upgrade you’ll notice a few labels changing, but upgrading should be as painless as usual. If you’re going to set up a new WordPress installation, you’ll be asked as part of the setup if you want one site or multiple sites, so that’s pretty simple. If you want to turn your single install into one that supports multiple sites, we’ll have a tool for you to use to do that, too.

Right now WPMU, which we use at Teens In Tech, always seems to lag behind WordPress for updates and many plugins don’t fully work in WPMU. I’m really interested in seeing how they manage this.

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