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It looks like I’m about to have my first GPU usage overage charge since I switched to MediaTemple due to a large usage spike during my switch from Drupal to WordPress.

Most of the heavy usage occurred during the actual switch and soon after the switch. Although WordPress has a reputation as a CPU hog, I was able to get the usage down to where it was before I switched.

As you can see in the usage chart below, enabling Zend optimizer helped, but enabling WP Super Cache really got it back down to where it was before the switch. Unfortunately WP Super Cache disables the WPTouch plugin, which reformats the page for an iPhone or iPod Touch.

One interesting thing I noticed is that 404 error pages use almost twice as much CPU as successful page requests, so I added static pages for a few invalid incoming links, which also made a big difference.

GPU Usage Report
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4 thoughts on “WordPress CPU usage”

  1. You run WP Super Cache and the WPTouch plugin at the same time by adding to the “Rejected User Agents” section of the WP Super Cache plugin.

    Just add:
    Exactly with the capitalization and line breaks. I use the same setup on my WordPress blog.

  2. Matt,

    Unfortunately that works only with the standard Wp-Cache plugin, not WP-Super-Cache. WPTouch gives a warning that it’s not compatible with Wp-Super-Cache.


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