WordPress Conversion Notes

I’ve cleaned up a few more issues with the Drupal to WordPress conversion. The major remaining issue is converting users. If I can get an acceptable solution for users, I’ll set up a public test site. I may just have to require all users to reset their password the first time they log in.

One common issue when switching content management systems is changing permalinks. If a lot of sites link to specific articles, all of their links could get broken. However, there’s a very simple solution with WordPress. Go to Permalink settings and create a custom link structure of /node/%post_id%. The article URLs will then remain the same as they were with Drupal.

Most WordPress themes include the full article on the home page, but for MacMegasite I’d like to have only an excerpt. That’s also very easy to fix: in the theme’s index.php, look for the_content() and change it to the_excerpt().

If you’d like to try out my conversion script or have any ideas to improve it, it’s available at drupal2wp.php.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Conversion Notes”

  1. man, thank you for this!

    I started a community using WP, and switched it to drupal, and was sorry almost instantly. meanwhile, my users have been so busy– I have a lot of content to replace into the WP database.

  2. Hi, I tried your script to convert Drupal 6.25 database to WordPress 3.21 and it worked flawlessly 🙂 It brings the posts and comments to WordPress with no problem.

    I have a suggestion to improve the script. That is to convert Drupal taxonomies to WordPress categories as well as assigning posts to their own category.

    I would really like to see that in the script as I myself have trouble importing categories and assigning them to posts manually.

    Thank you for your great script! It's a really time saving script.

  3. also it would be nice if posts containing '"/sites/default/files/" which could be images/upload path of Drupal could be replaced with WordPress upload path.


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