I got a Wii today! It was the last one in the store. I caught the sales guy as someone else was buying a Wii and asked him if they had any more in stock, so he gave me the last one. He wouldn’t let the Wiis out of his site. Instead of letting us carry it, he took them straight to the cashier.

Setup was fairly easy. I was a bit disappointed that it comes with an AV cable rather than a component video cable, although that worked out better for me since I wasn’t using either of the AV inputs on my TV although I was using both component video inputs and the HDMI input. It connected to my wireless network without any problems and immediately downloaded a software update.

The only game I have is Wii Sports, which I played right away. It’s a pretty good workout; almost as good as going to the gym. However, I found that I still stink at baseball, just as I did when I was a kid.

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