Why you should buy the MacHeist bundle

There has been a lot of controversy over MacHeist, accusing it of ‘cheapening’ or devaluing software. In reality it’s a good thing for developers by bringing in sales that they wouldn’t get otherwise.

Case in point: I have very little use for Kinemac or BoinxTV, so I never would have bought those products. I’m glad to be supporting those developers with a bonus sale. Even if you only use 2 or 3 of the applications, it’s still a good deal. Furthermore, 25% of every sale goes to charity. You can either allow it to be divided among 10 charities, or donate all of it to a single charity.

I bought the bundle primarily for Acorn, Little Snapper, and The Hit List (which still hasn’t been unlocked). Even with only those applications it’s a good deal.

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