Welcome to 2008

We made it through another year! I had a quiet new years eve, since nobody around here really felt like having a party. We’re all still sort of burned out from the big Christmas Eve party.

My goals for 2008:

  1. Get Organized and get rid of clutter. When mail arrives, instead of just putting it down somewhere to deal with later, I’ll deal with it immediately. I will stop using every horizontal surface in my office to stack books & papers.
  2. Learn Ruby On Rails and get deeper into Python
  3. Turn my websites into a source of income
  4. Turn techblast.tv into a major network by getting a few major podcasters to sign up, getting sponsors, and hosting a few popular podcasts.
  5. Improve my2unz.com. Among other things, I hope to add a Facebook application to let you publish playlists to your profile.
  6. Rewrite Mii Transfer. I’d like to eliminate the WiiRemote framework, since the DarwiinRemote project is stagnating and I think it would be more solid if I used a standard Bluetooth HID driver. I’d also like to add some editing capabilities.

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