Tweetie comes to the Mac

My favorite iPhone twitter application, Tweetie, is now available for the Mac. It’s replaced Twhirl & Nambu as my favorite Twitter client.

Tweetie’s user interface is clean & gorgeous. It has the features I want in a Twitter client: separate views for friend’s tweets, replies, and direct messages, and makes it easy to track new tweets by maintaining the proper scroll position to show current tweets until you explicitly scroll.

Atebits paid a lot of attention to detail. Animation effects are a nice touch, without being annoying. Double clicking brings up the user’s profile or all tweets in the reply threads. Most importantly, Tweetie doesn’t get in your face, so you can concentrate on work without being distracted, unlike many other twitter clients that demand your attention, yet you can easily see when new tweets arrive.

The only features Tweetie is missing are groups, saved searches, and trends.

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