Trying SmugMug

I’m trying out SmugMug as a possible alternative to Flickr. They have a Flee Flickr 50% off deal, although I’m still on the 14 day free trial.

I’m not leaving Flickr, but with the co-founders leaving Yahoo, I want to be prepared just in case it goes away. I really hope Flickr survives, since it’s one of my favorite sites. I’ll most likely keep both services.

I really like SmugMug, although it still feels a bit alien. It doesn’t seem to have Flickr’s community-oriented features, but the galleries look gorgeous. Unlike Flickr, SmugMug lets you change the theme & layout of your galleries instead of always displaying your photos on a solid white page.

You can visit my SmugMug homepage at

mike3k : photos : Fort Lauderdale Photowalk- powered by SmugMug
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

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