Toyota planning its own in-car operating system

The Prius OS seems pretty powerful, but this goes a lot further.
Via Engadget:

We’ve certainly seen all sorts of exotic vehicles run on Windows XP before (so to speak), but Toyota execs are mulling the idea of crafting its own in-car operating system in order to keep that competitive edge alive. Currently, OS’ are ‘built from scratch‘ for every new vehicle model, but the automaker is realizing that an in-house squad focused on delivering a single system to run behind the scenes could not only dramatically cut R&D costs, but also ‘ boost efficiency and speed up development.’ Although Toyota wouldn’t comment directly, it is presumed that the project is an integral part of the new VI (Value Innovation) initiative, in which the firm is hoping to consolidate the amount of parts used in their vehicle. Still, we aren’t going to see a Toyota-branded OS until ‘closer to 2015,’ so we hope fully expect an auto-pilot feature to be in there somewhere. [Originally from Wired]

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