Topaz Photoshop plugins now work in Aperture

I bought Topaz Labs plugin bundle at Macworld Expo and I’ve been very impressed with its capabilities. Today they introduced Topaz Fusion Express, an add-on which lets you use their Photoshop plugins in Aperture. When you install the plugins, it will appear in the ‘edit with…’ menu and will open an editing window where you can use the plugin exactly as you do in Photoshop.

The plugins include Adjust, which can produce some really amazing effects; simplify, which lets you create painting, sketching, and line drawing effects from your photos; Clean, which smoothes, adjusts texture, and enhances edges; and DeNoise & DeJPEG which remove noise and compression artifacts.

Here’s an example of the color blast effect in Topaz Adjust.

Original Image

Topaz Adjust Color Blast


Unfortunately, installing it overwrote my old Topaz plugins and wiped out the license keys. When I re-entered the keys, they were no longer recognized. I’m waiting for Topaz support to resolve this. Update: Topaz just sent me updated keys.

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