This app shouldn't have been approved

Via ipodnn:

Apple has flipped its stance and decided to approve an iPhone app for a Republican Congressional candidate, says the New York Times. The app, created for Ari David, was initially rejected for being defamatory of the incumbent, Democrat Henry Waxman. The app makes many attacks against Waxman, for instance suggesting that he “tried to strangle family farms with insane Soviet-style regulation.”

Whether you support the candidate or not (and I don’t), having an app that’s in effect an attack ad on their opponent is wrong. If the app simply promoted the candidate without attacking & smearing his opponent, it would be fine.

I really hate attack ads. When I see them it only makes me dislike the candidate that made the ad and I’m actually less likely to vote for him. These attack ads are what caused today’s toxic political climate. I don’t want to see the app store filled with more of these personal attack apps.

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