Things I learned at WWDC

  1. JavaScript doesn’t suck. I’ve been looking at SproutCore and I really like it a lot. I’ll probably be using it for future web applications.
  2. Lots of cool stuff is being written in Ruby. I really need to start learning it.
  3. iPhone push notification is no substitute for background tasks. It still isn’t possible to schedule something to happen at a particular time. Apple just considered one very specific use case, where something like AIM needs to notify you that a message has been received. You can’t have a process check in with a server at timed intervals, for example.
  4. Animated effects are very easy. It takes almost no effort to add animated effects to views & controls in a Cocoa application and it makes the app look so much cooler. Simply set a property in Interface Builder, write a few lines of code to define the animation, and let it happen in its own thread as you go about your business.
  5. San Francisco has some of the most aggressive beggars. Headphones & loud music are a must when walking from Union Square to Moscone if you want to block them out.
  6. The Barenaked Ladies are a lot better than I realized. Somehow I never got into them, even though I like They Might Be Giants & Soul Coughing, whose attitude & humor are similar. After the Thursday Night Bash I bought some of their music in iTunes.
  7. Carrying a MacBook Pro for several hours isn’t fun. At the end of the day I usually had a sore back & shoulders. I’m considering a switch to either a MacBook or MacBook Air as a travel machine for my next trip. I’m not sure if the 1/2 pound difference of a MacBook will make it that much more pleasant, but it’s a much more capable machine.
  8. Thirsty Bear has the best beers in the Moscone area. Their Valencia Wheat is especially good.

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