The Magic Mouse is a winner

I’ll cut right to the point: the Magic Mouse is the best mouse I’ve ever used. The scrolling is so smooth & effortless that when I first started using it, I kept scrolling around just to admire how nice it feels. Unlike the Mighty Mouse, the right click works easily and I’ve never had any false clicks. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to use the swipe gestures, since not too many applications support it. The only feature I miss is the middle button click. I suspect it may be possible to implement it in a future software upgrade.

Front View Side View

The Magic Mouse requires a software update, which is available from Apple’s download page. Without the software, none of the gestures work and the mouse movement is erratic. The new mouse preference panel lets you enable the various gestures.

Magic Mouse Preferences

I ordered the Magic Mouse as soon as Apple announced it, and it finally arrived today. The first thing I noticed was the minimal packaging. The shipping box contained only the small plastic box with some padding instead of the usual big cardboard boxes. Unfortunately a bit of sticky tape on the bottom left a bit of residue on the mouse, although it came off easily.

No box inside! Side
Sticky tape on bottom Batteries included!

See the full unboxing gallery here.

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