The 27" iMac looks very tempting

I’ve been using laptops exclusively for several years. I now have both a 13″ aluminum Macbook, which I bought late last year, and a 15″ unibody MacBook Pro, which I won from DriveSavers at Macworld Expo earlier this year. I use the 15″ as my desktop system at home, since it has better graphics performance and a nicer screen for editing photos, but I prefer the 13″ for traveling, since it’s lighter, more convenient, and has better battery life.

Although the 15″ is an excellent system, it’s still a lot less powerful than a dedicated desktop machine like the new 27″ iMac. In particular, I’ve been getting very annoyed with the slow virtualization performance, since it’s limited to 4GB RAM and I need to run both XCode and a Windows virtual machine, as well as Mail & Safari which max out the RAM.

I’ll most likely get the i5 quad core iMac and upgrade the RAM to 8GB.

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