Uploading iPhone 3GS Videos to Flickr

If you’ve attempted to upload any video from an iPhone 3GS to Flickr, you’ve probably seen Flickr’s “Unable to process this video” screen no matter how you uploaded it. The iPhone’s MOV files aren’t supported by Flickr due to the codec it uses. A very simple solution is to export it as AVI from QuickTime Pro or any other media converter. You can then upload the exported AVI movies to Flickr.

Video of the day

I walked to the Embarcadero Center today, which is much closer than I realized. I just had to go there to mess with everyone at home (the name of my condo is The Embarcadero, so I emailed pictures saying I’m at the Embarcadero).

These musicians called The Jugtown Pirates were playing outside the ferry building. They’re pretty good and they sort of remind me of the Fleet Foxes.

I also took many more pictures, which I added to my San Francisco photo set on Flickr.