No iPhone Nano

Some sites still insist that there will be an iPhone Nano at Macworld Expo. I guarantee that there will NOT be an iPhone nano.

Just think about it. Look at your iPhone and bring up the keyboard. Do you really want a smaller screen? Will most people with average sized hands be able to comfortably use a smaller keyboard than the current iPhone keyboard?

The limited screen space would force developers to redesign their applications to fit on a smaller screen and make it necessary to maintain separate versions for regular iPhone or iPod Touch and iPhone Nano.

Top ten things in the air

Apple watchers are trying to guess the meaning of “There’s something in the air” on Apple’s tantalizing Macworld banners. Here are some possibilities.

  1. Apple is buying Adobe and adding AIR to the iPhone and building it into OS X
  2. Wireless syncing of iPod & iPhone with Macs
  3. Rent movies wirelessly directly from the Apple TV
  4. Bluetooth headphones for iPod & iPhone
  5. Subnotebook will have built-in 3G or EVDO
  6. All laptops will have built-in cellular modem
  7. Wireless tablet Mac
  8. Wireless charging for iPhone & iPod
  9. Mobile TV on the iPhone
  10. Beam Technology to transfer data, faster than bluetooth

A little bird just tweeted that the macbook nano is coming.