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Photoshop trick of the day

You’ve probably seen photos where most of it is black & white with one bit colorized. If you have a photo with a strong contrast between subject and background, it’s pretty easy to do in Photoshop.

Earlier today I took this picture of roses blooming in my neighbor’s garden. I used the largest aperture for my lens (F5.6) to bring out the subject and blur the background slightly.


Since there was a pretty strong contrast between the flowers and the background, it was pretty easy to use Photoshop’s color range selection tool to select the flowers only. I then inverted the selection and made an adjustment layer based on the selection. In the adjustment layer, I used hue/saturation to desaturate it and darken it slightly.

Here’s the final result.


Aging Photos

I really like the aged photo effect you can create at this Japanese website, so I attempted to duplicate the effect in Photoshop. These pictures I took in San Francisco last year seemed to be a good subject.

For my first attempt, I used the Aperture 2.1’s sepia tone & vignette effects and then used Photoshop’s film grain filter. The result was a little too bright and didn’t really look aged enough.


Finally, I got an effect I really like with a few Photoshop actions. I used the Sepia Tone Grayscale action, the Spatter Frame action, and the add noise filter.


Here’s the original version of the second photo.

IMG_4572.JPG original.jpg