Sudden jump in subscribers

I noticed today that MacMegasite now has 34526 subscribers to the newsfeed, a sudden jump from the usual 18000-19000.

34526 readers!
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FeedBurner’s statistics page confirms the sudden jump.

Feedburner Stats
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This happened just after NewsGator announced that NetNewsWire is now free, and MacMegasite happens to be one of the default feeds. Thanks Brent! I owe you a beer.

Sharing between NetNewsWire and Google Reader

I’ve used NetNewsWire for a long time, but I recently started using Google Reader instead for the sharing & suggestion features. Unfortunately the two don’t sync, so switching between them is a bother.

In light of today’s announcement, and because I always found NetNewsWire faster & more convenient than reading news online, I switched back to NNW. I did one last read in Google Reader, and then marked everything read in NNW.

I still want to be able to share items in Google Reader, though, so I came up with a partial work-around.

When I add an item to my clippings in NetNewsWire, it’s shared publicly at NewsGator Online and made avaialble as an RSS feed. I subscribe to that feed in Google Reader and put it in its own folder which I made public. The results can be seen here.

Although Google Reader doesn’t provide a combined feed for all of my friend’s feeds, I can still subscribe to them individually.