MarsEdit 3.0

MarsEdit is one of my favorite applications and it just got even better with version 3.  I have been using MarsEdit for this blog almost since the beginning. I’ve looked at other blog editors, but I always came back to MarsEdit because it just seemed more comfortable and it just worked exactly the way I wanted.

Until now, MarsEdit only supported HTML editing, but version 3 also adds a new Rich Text editor. MarsEdit 3 also adds support for WordPress pages & custom fields and a new media browser that supports iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom.

The only thing MarsEdit is missing now is an iPad version.

Rich Text Editor

WordPress for iPhone 2

WordPress for iPhone 2 is now available in the app store! Although it’s free, it’s a separate application, not an update to the original WordPress app, so you’ll have to download it from the app store.

The user interface has been redesigned and it’s really beautiful. A set of tabs makes it easy to switch between managing comments, posts, and pages. The comment screen now shows Gravatars and author URLs.

Overall, the application feels a lot more polished and more pleasant to use than WordPress for iPhone 1.x.




Copycat splogs

I checked my Akismet queue and as usual I found a large number of splogs copying my posts. One interesting thing I noticed is that many of them use exactly the same template. Either one person is running all of these, or there’s some standard software being sold or distributed for stealing content. I’m sure this post will end up in a splog before the end of the day.

spamblog 6
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!
spamblog 5
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spamblog 4
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spamblog 3a
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spamblog 1
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Yes, that’s Nick Danforth in the top left, whose video they used without his permission.