Switching from Delicious to Pinboard

When Yahoo announced the possible shutdown of Delicious, I decided to switch to Pinboard. Moving my bookmarks was fairly painless. I had to export my bookmarks from Delicious and then import the resulting bookmarks file into Pinboard. Even during the signup rush, it imported quickly, although it took several hours for my tag cloud to appear.

Pinboard lets you add bookmarks with the usual bookmarklets and it supports v1 of the del.icio.us API, so most Delicious clients which lets you specify the API endpoint will work with Pinboard. It can also add bookmarks via email or import from Instapaper or Twitter. One feature I find especially useful is importing from my Twitter favorites. When I see an interesting link when I’m reading Twitter on my iPhone, I simply mark it as a favorite to bookmark that link.

The only Delicious feature missing from Pinboard is automatic blog posting. However, the Postalicious WordPress plugin works with Pinboard. Set it up as you would for Delicious, but for the RSS feed, enter your Pinboard RSS feed URL, which will be something like http://feeds.pinboard.in/rss/u:username.

You can see my Pinboard bookmarks or follow me on Pinboard at http://pinboard.in/u:mike3k.

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