Stuck in the airport with an iPhone

My flight left Fort Lauderdale an hour late because of the heavy rain & thunderstorms, causing me to miss my connecting flight in Houston. Luckily they got me on a later flight, which leaves here at 8:55PM and gets me into Vancouver at 11:30PM.

I kept checking the flight delay with the Travelocity iPhone application. I even helped another passenger find out about her flight, which she also missed, with my iPhone.

I find that 3G really eats up the battery fast. After less than an hour my battery was down to 20%. The iPhone also gets very hot during heavy use. I finally switched off 3G to save battery life.

I also found that location services don’t work in an airport. When I tried whrrl, it had no idea where I was. Same with Vicinity and even the built-in Map application.

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