Setting up Subversion at MediaTemple

I recently moved my Subversion repositories from my home server to Dreamhost, for the extra safety of an offsite backup of my source code. When I switched this domain to MediaTemple it unsurprisingly broke my Subversion repository.

While DreamHost provides an easy one click Subversion setup, it requires a little more work on MediaTemple. After a few headaches, I managed to get it set up. I hope I can save some people a bit of trouble with these tips. This only applies to a GridServer. It will probably be different for other MediaTemple account types.

Unlike DreamHost, the GridServer doesn’t support HTTP access for Subversion; you can only use SSH. Note that your SSH login includes the domain name. The login will usually be

You’ll need to log in to your serveradmin account via ssh to create the repository. For best results, it should be in in the /data directory. After logging in, create the repository with the following commands:

cd data
svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs SVN

This will create a repository named SVN. You can use a different name if you prefer.

You can then set up the repository in XCode. Create a new repository configuration and enter a URL like svn+ssh:// To find the actual path, when you’re logged in via ssh, enter the command pwd, which will give you something like /home/11111/users/.home. You can ignore the /users/.home part.

Be very careful to enter the login and password correctly. If you attempt too many incorrect logins, you will be locked out. To regain access, go to the Mediatemple control panel and click the button to unlock, and wait about 10 minutes.

SVN Setup
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