Server issues

MacMegasite & parts of the Removr site are down due to server problems. I’ve put it a support request with DreamHost and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Some background: I had my sites split between two virtual private servers, one running Apache and the other running Nginx. I found that Nginx is much less reliable and not much faster than Apache. In particular, under heavy load the PHP process sometimes died, giving Bad Gateway errors.

To improve the reliability, I moved the sites that were on the Nginx server to the Apache server. Normally the move completes without problems & maybe a few minutes of disruption, but not in this case. After several hours, the server configuration & DNS still hasn’t been properly updated.

Once the sites are back up, I will remove the Nginx server and allocate the additional resources to the Apache server.

Update: There was a network config problem, which DreamHost fixed.

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