Republicans love Hillary

I’ve avoided writing about politics because I’m just too angry & bitter. I don’t share the euphoria about a predicted Democratic win. Nothing is assured until the election is over, and even if the Democrats win, nothing will change.

Much as I dislike the Bush administration and how they raped this country, the Democrats are no better. I’m still angry about them abandoning Florida because of the early primary date (which was set by our Republican governor & legislature). I’m not going to bother voting if my vote won’t count. Beyond that, they refuse to oppose any of Bush’s more outrageous actions. They just roll over and play dead on issues such as domestic wiretaps for fear of being labeled “soft on terrorism”.

I’d like to see Obama get elected, but I see very little chance of it happening when everyone is practically anointing Hillary Clinton as the next president.

Interestingly, some of Hillary’s biggest supporters are Republicans, including Drudge. Despite speaking out against her publicly, they secretly want her to win because they know she won’t change anything. She supports the war and has remained silent on Bush’s abuse of power. She’ll continue to go along with their policies if she’s elected.

Although there are a lot of things I dislike about Ron Paul, he’s probably the one who can bring back respect for the constitution and end the war. No Democrat will touch the Patriot Act or do anything about wiretapping & other abuses because they’re so afraid of being labeled “soft on terrorism”.

I’m afraid it makes no difference who gets elected (unless by some miracle Ron Paul does), since they’ll all leave Bush’s policies untouched. Our country has already been damaged beyond repair.

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