Removr 1.3.3 approved after being rejected

My recent Removr updates were rejected with the note:

“Please remove any references of iOS 5 from your release notes and/or application description.”

Thankfully, Apple no longer requires reuploading a binary when it’s rejected for metadata issues. Supposedly just changing the description (it now says ‘bug fixes’ rather than ‘now compatible with iOS 5’) and replying to the message in resolution center should be enough to have it reviewed again.

On a side note, I’ve heard that iOS 5 beta 2 resolves the issue with SQLite3 opening databases in the app bundle, although I haven’t verified it yet.

Update: Apple has approved the updates after simply changing the description without resubmitting the binary. Removr 1.3.3 & Removr Free 1.3.3 are now available.

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