Removr 1.0.4 has been submitted

I’ve submitted Removr 1.0.4, which fixes the crash on devices running iOS 3.1.3. I also made some internal changes to support an upcoming feature in the next update.

The crash was caused by Cocos2d using blocks by default when building with the iOS 4.x SDK, despite setting the minimum iOS target version to 3.1. Since blocks aren’t available in iOS 3.1, the app won’t load. I was able to fix it by simply adding ‘-DNS_BLOCKS_AVAILABLE=0‘ to Other C Flags in the build settings.

I’m now using the latest version of Cocos2d, which renames several class & method names. More importantly, I’ve added a UIViewController to manage the OpenGL view, which will allow me to support Game Center and other features in upcoming versions.

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