Rating apps when you delete them

iPhone firmware 2.2, which is supposed to be released next Friday, Nov. 22, asks you to rate applications when you delete them. Does anyone else think this is a bad idea?

We’re going to see a lot more negative ratings when people have to rate an application before deleting it.

I’d estimate that not more than 1 out of 100 purchasers (most likely even a smaller percentage) rate applications in the store, so a lot more of those ratings will now come from people deleting the application. Since they’re deleting the application, most likely they didn’t like it for some reason. If they really like the application, they probably won’t be deleting it.

People who dislike an application are usually more vocal than those who like it and more likely to post a review, so even if 1/100 of the users hate an application you’ll see many more negative reviews since the people who like it don’t bother to post a review.

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